Imagine what God could do in your neighborhood, town, city or state….

..if every man, woman and child who lived there….

..was given the repeated opportunity to see and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Imagine the result if the message of Jesus Christ’s redeeming death on the cross was given to high-ranking officials, the fringes of society and everyone in between. How many of the gospel seeds sown could go on to produce a harvest of people coming to Christ? And how many groups of new disciples could be started as a result of that harvest? If the soil were fertile and the fields ripe for the harvest, it is possible that whole neighborhoods could be transformed into Christ followers. Then whole areas might be saturated with living communities of God’s people eater to pray, live out and proclaim the good news of the empty grave.” The Infinity Alliance

I am excited to partner together with my friends Dwight Smith and Jeff Shipman and others who are linking arms to do their part in obeying our King’s last command.
What does God want?

What would it look like if He got what He wanted?

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