[featured_image]In a lunch conversation with my friend Steve Ogne a few weeks ago, he shared three observations about Multiplication Movements after his trip to India.

#1 – Value the function of the apostle. (Ephesians 4:11)

Train those who are gifts apostles with the same intensity we train pastor-teachers. Train how to lead and multiply.

#2 – Value multiplication at all costs.

When a church is started and it gets going, the church planter is expected to go start another church. The idea of a long-term pastorate is lazy and self-centered. Bigness is not a big deal. If you grow a big church the key question is: “Why haven’t you started another church yet?”

#3 – Faith is valued and taught – not knowledge.

In the United States, Christianity is knowledge driven; in India it is faith-driven. The mindset is completely different.

Imagine what would happen if we started valuing the function of the apostle, multiplication of disciples and churches, and faith more than knowledge!