[featured_image]I am a missionary with OC International–a global ministry of international missionary teams. There are more than 400 OC missionaries seeking to come alongside the national church to partner together in fulfilling the Great Commission.

In the spring of 1952, Dick Hillis and his team developed a whole-nation strategy and joined hands with the Oriental Missionary Society (OMS) to preach the gospel in every village on the island of Formosa before the communists could take over. From there, the ministry expanded to the Philippines and then beyond Asia to Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Currently, OC missionaries are impacting over 65 countries throughout the world! We believe that whole nations can be reached for Christ.

Healthy churches working together to disciple all nations
Our Mission:
To mobilize godly and effective church leaders to disciple all nations
Our Strategy:
Using research, motivation, and training, we mobilize Christian leaders to disciple their nations and beyond
Our Values:
Team, Family, Partnership, Multiplication, Servanthood, Freedom to Innovate (learn more)

We work in teams. Our missionaries live close together, make ministry and financial decisions together, support each other emotionally and spiritually, and are accountable to one another.

We work with and within the local church. We believe our job is to work with the church and help it to be what God calls it to be. This is displayed as…

  • We minister to the unreached through equipping and mobilizing Christians
  • We plant churches by training indigenous church planters
  • We are involved in youth ministry by equipping youth leaders

We call this multiplying ourselves in others. As a result, and by the grace of God, we have a widespread influence.

I serve on one of our newest teams here in the United States. Our team exists to help churches renew their vision and impact their community and world for Christ. My focus is assisting church leaders to start and strengthen new churches! You can explore our ministries and meet our team here.

Please pray for us as we seek to complete our support raising and anticipate moving to Seattle in August 2008. (Opportunities to contribute)

Together we can change the world!