Living Out the GOSPEL in Community | missionalchallenge.comIn the short history of Northview we have seen over one hundred adults come to faith in Christ. We’ve also seen many of those who have been jaded by the church start to return to the church. On the one hand, people were coming that weren’t going anywhere else; yet on the other hand, they weren’t actually becoming disciples who reproduced themselves where they live, work, and play.

Discovering this truth served as a catalyst for change. We discovered that the number of nickels and noses on Sunday wasn’t the “win”; making disciples who made disciples was. Today, our efforts go beyond just creating worship environments. For example…

  • Since leadership begins in the home, we have a ministry teaching men how to fight sin alongside their fellow brother so they can lead as God has called them. We have guys like Chuck, a disconnected husband, father and businessman, who’s now taking what he’s learning and passionately sharing it with his friends outside the faith.
  • Our community groups have moved from being a place to hang out to be a place where disciples are reproduced. Our new group model uses a set of specific questions to help groups discover what God says in His Word, and what they will do in light of it. This has been a huge breakthrough. Now any believer can lead a group—all they need is a Bible.
  • We have Andy, a personal trainer, who instead of starting a workout ministry in the church rented the community center in his neighborhood and invited everyone to come to an intense workout/nutrition class that he leads. Relationships are being built there with those far outside the faith, the gospel is being shared in incarnational ways, and people are truly listening.
  • Mountain biking in Asheville is a way of life. In this sphere of culture, we have Stephen, a sponsored racer, who is both riding the trails and working on them alongside those outside the faith. We also have Alan and Lisa who are leading an area youth riding team which their son is on. They now have access to so many families who need Christ.
  • And to see that the gospel continues to spread, we are serious about church planting (the result of disciples making disciples). We are currently planting another Northview in downtown Asheville, an organic model in an organic city. We have men from within our own body that are taking the lead here. We have a staff member, Jeremy Emory, who has now left to go plant in Ft. Myers, Florida. And we are raising up leaders as my wife and I, along with three other families, head to the great city of Chicago to plant a movement of churches that will seek the spiritual, social, and cultural renewal of the city.

It is amazing what happens when you see the “win” the way Jesus sees the “win”. It literally changes the game and how you play it. Please continue to pray for us as we do what we see the Father doing.

How have you been working to make disciples who make disciples?