Movements Change People, and Changed People Change the World

“The church, in its very essence, is a missionary / missional movement with a mandate to take the good news of Jesus to the world.” (p 30).

In Movements that Change the World, Steve Addison identifies five characteristics of missionary movements. I read this entire book on a flight returning from a week in Northern India training leaders of a church planting movement. They’ve planted 1300 churches last year and have a goal of 100,000 churches in Asia by the year 2030!

As I read and understood these five characteristics, I reflected on how they are exhibited in India and I longed to see them evident in North America. This book has inspired me by both its examples and its practicality. In coaching church planters in the U.S., I intend to challenge them to consider how they can adopt theses principles in their ministry context.

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Dave DeVries

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Dr. Dave DeVries is a coach, trainer, author and founder of Missional Challenge. He is passionate about coaching and training church planters and missional leaders. With 30+ years of church planting and leadership development experience, Dave brings his passion and encouragement to those he trains and coaches.