[featured_image]Bob Practico has posted a good list of missional practices:

There are the usual signs of a good Christian: i.e., fruit of the Holy Spirit, spending regular time in prayer, increasing Scriptural knowledge, giving, serving with one’s gifts, etc. But just what does it mean to be a “missionally” effective Christian in practical terms? Confused by all the jargon? “Missional” is nothing more than a descriptive term. Some Christians are missional without even knowing what the term means. Here in a nutshell I offer some practical Missional Marks for a Christian. Wondering if you’re a “Missional” Christian? If these things describe you – then yes – you are a missional Christian

1) A significant number of your friends are unbelievers.

Unbelievers like to spend time with you. Jesus seemed to spend a lot of time with unbelievers in the gospels and they were apparently comfortable with Him for the most part. Jesus was the friend of sinners – Luke 7:34. It was the religious hypocrites that felt threatened and couldn’t stand Him.

2) Many of your Christian friends are from other denominations and churches.

You’re comfortable with the whole Body of Christ, not just your local part. You value the rich diversity in the Kingdom of God – 1 Cor 12:12-26

3) You listen more than you talk.