Last year, I contributed some posts to the Mere Mission blog. Todd Hiestand, pastor at The Well in suburban Philadelphia, has developed this site and has made some changes recently. Here’s his description of what his blog is now about. I encourage you to check it out…MereMission Relaunch | missionalchallenge.com

MereMission Friends,
It’s been a while but I just wanted to let you know that I have relaunched http://www.meremission.org with a refreshed design and a new emphasis and philosophy.

I have been doing some thinking of what I want to do with it as it has sat dormant for the past 8 months or so and I have decided that, while the open-source group blog was good in concept, it just didn’t work in practice.

I have also been using my personal blog for more personal type of posts and have a desire to share my experiences and thoughts about church, leadership and missional theology in a different forum.

So, I have decided that for the sake of focus and simplicity I’ll be the primary blogger on this new incarnation of MereMission. I have not deleted any users and welcome guest posts from anyone.

I will personally be focusing on writing the area of leadership and local & global mission in the context of a post-christian culture.

I obviously invite your participation in the comments and even a guest post now and then.

I would also really appreciate your help getting the word out about the site. I believe that this is practical stuff will be fertile ground for a helpful conversation.

I already have a few new posts up and have a good stream of ideas in my head that will be coming out soon. I am making a goal of at least 3 posts a week.


Todd Hiestand