[featured_image]The cross is a sign of hope! Because Christ died on the cross, we have hope!

While in Chennai, we were introduced to the Chennai Transformation Network. They gave us a spiritual tour of the city and gave us a historical perspective. Here are a few key points…

  • The population of Chennai is over 8 million people
  • Mosques are popping up every km
  • Economy is growing because of BPO – Business Process Outsourcing
  • There are 2500 Christian churches in the city
  • The goal is a church on every street – a church for every 1,000 people
  • 150,000 IT professionals work here
  • 1400 companies along the IT corridor
  • 2000 slums in the city (only 200 churches in slums)

Please pray for the city! May God transform the people through the Good News of the Gospel!