Why do you follow Jesus?

Is it because you love Him?

Recently my wife and I were walking with our golden retriever (Olive) through a Following Jesus Because You Love Him | missionalchallenge.comwooded path near our home. Olive will be one-year old next week and we are still working to train her. On this particular day we were focused on her obedience to the command to come.

As we walked along, Olive was enjoying the freedom that comes from being off her leash. Her boundless energy was easily observed as she ran down the trail. At one point, we turned right on the trail and Olive just took off to the left.

My wife and I waited to see what she would do. As we waited, Deanne made this comment, “She’ll come back to follow us because she loves us.” And she did.

For the rest of the day I kept pondering these words and I wondered about my commitment to follow Jesus.

Do I simply follow Jesus because I love Him?

When I wonder off down a different path, do I come back to Jesus simply because I love Him?

If I’m honest with myself I have to admit that sometimes it takes me awhile to decide to follow Jesus instead of heading my own way.

And sometimes it feels more like duty or obligation than I’d like.

I do love Jesus, and I want to follow Him because I love Him.

This week I want to grow in my love for Jesus — and I’ll follow Him because I love Him.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Choose to follow Jesus because you love Him!