[featured_image]I was asked to serve on the Search Committee at our church as we pursue hiring a new college ministry director. As we received resumes, we began to evaluate how each candidate matched the competencies we believed were required to serve well in this role.

It was important to me that as we interviewed candidates that we asked questions that related directly to what they could demonstrate they had done in the past. Through my work in assessing church planters, I realized how critical it is to focus on what a potential church planter has done, rather than asking questions about what they wanted to do.

The best predictor of future performance is past behavior.

I worked to prepare a list of questions that focused on critical areas of evaluation including:

  • Calling
  • Character
  • Content (Doctrine)
  • Competency
  • Chemistry

Particularly as we developed ministry competencies, I helped our team to focus on what each candidate had demonstrated in the past – for this would give us the best indication of how they would function if hired on our church staff.

Evaluating Ministry Competencies

Here are some of the areas and questions we saw as critical:

Teaching: How would you characterize the unique aspects of your teaching ministry?

Discipling: Describe your best example of an individual that you discipled to make disciples. What did you do to influence that reproduction?

Visionizing: How have you communicated your vision so that others will remember it?

Leading: What is your best example of a ministry or small group multiplying under your leadership? What did you do to cause it to reproduce?

Training: How have you trained leaders and volunteers to minister effectively to students? Give your best example of someone you equipped for a significant task.

Communicating: What are your strengths and weaknesses concerning your communication skills?

Groups: How have you developed your skills as a facilitator of small and large groups? Give an example of your skills in action.

Evangelism: Tell us about the last person you led to faith in Christ, What did you do to help them come to that decision?

Relating: Tell about a time you were significantly criticized. How did you respond?

Planning: Share your best example of your planning and implementation skills in action.

Budgeting: Describe your experience in developing and managing a ministry budget.

Resolving Conflict: Give an example of how you’ve handled conflict between yourself and others within the local church.

Counseling: Evaluate your counseling abilities.