[featured_image]”Let’s not be on a mission of community; let’s be a community on mission.”

Darrin Patrick shared those words at the Exponential Conference in Florida this past week. He challenged planters who are just getting started: “It doesn’t matter how gifted you are, you need a team.” Even Jesus had a team (Mark 3). He added, “It’s not about talent, it’s about team.”

He outlined the importance of being highly selective of who is on your launch team as you start a new church. Here are some of his main ideas:

  • Get the right people
  • Assess qualifications – look for qualities of elders and deacons
  • Work to raise up your own leaders
  • Be clear about the mission

In developing an elder team, he cautioned –

“Take your time raising up your elders, because you might be raising up your own assassins.”

“Having no team will destroy you, your family and your church. Having the wrong team will destroy you, your family and your church.”

“Team starts with the character of the leader. If you are not biblically qualified, it messes up your team.”

“The less time you spend with God, the more mistakes you spend on people.”

“If you can’t pastor your family, you can’t pastor a church.”

“People will join because of your gifts, but stay because of your marriage and your character.”