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Karl, Andre and Bob – Elders in our Church

God-ordained leadership in the church is placed upon godly disciplemakers who are called to serve as elders.

As I planted Lake Hills Church, I realized that we couldn’t just hope that spiritually qualified elders from others churches would join us. It was imperative that we raised up godly elders from among our church family.

Be Intentional!

In preparation for serving as elders, we initiated a 10-month development process that focused each month on a different quality that elders would need as they served the church family.

➢ Thinking Biblically
➢ Living Missionally
➢ Caring Personally
➢ Nurturing Spiritually
➢ Praying Fervently
➢ Giving Generously
➢ Teaching Practically
➢ Disciplining/Restoring Lovingly
➢ Leading Intentionally
➢ Serving Faithfully

Be Focused!

Each month as elders-in-training gather, utilize the time for studying God’s Word, developing individual skills, sharing a meal and praying for one another!

What’s Your Plan?

As you consider raising up elders in your church plant…

  • What qualities will you intentionally develop?
  • How will you focus time together to maximize development?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how your church plant will intentionally develop elders.