When I was a child, we sponsored a child with World Vision. Recently, my family has begun to support a child in Sri Lanka. This is a great opportunity to minister to the physical, educational and spiritual needs of children who are less fortunate, and often poor, neglected and under-privileged.

While in India, it was an incredible blessing to visit one of Compassion International’s ministries and see how child sponsorship and church partnerships are making a difference. The Wesley Child Development Center is serving the needs of 253 children in a poor area of Chennai that was devastated by the Tsunami. A small group of our class was able to see firsthand how the Gospel is transforming lives.

Compassion is a church-based ministry. They work through local churches. Although they don’t sponsor schools, all sponsored children are required to go to school. There are nearly 240 projects in Southern India serving 56,000 children. After school, students come to the project and participate in a variety of spiritual activities, and they complete their homework assignments. They are provided one meal each day.

Check out this video of the Wesley Child Development Centre and then read the report that follows. I hope it impacts you in a powerful way.

If you are interested in child sponsorship, contact World Vision or Compassion International.

Report from Wesley Child Development Centre (IN-520)

Bharathiyar Nagar. Chennai. Tamil Nadu. INDIA

Dated – February 21, 2007

Dear Brothers, Sisters & Beloved Children,

On behalf of the Bishop of the Methodist Church in India, the Rt. Rev. S.V. Sampath Kumar, and all the children and the staff of WCDC, I greet and welcome every one of you in the victorious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to whom is all the glory and honor forever and ever.

Wesley Child Development Centre bears the name of the founders of Methodism, the Wesley brothers. During the year 1997 May, the Family Helper Program of Compassion was christened as Wesley Child Development Centre. The number of registered children in May 1997 was 164. In accordance with the biblical mandate, WCDC is committed to serve the poor, neglected, under privileged children who hail from the weaker section of the society. Most of the children are parentless, semi orphans, destitute, poor and have single parents. As on the sun rise of 1 February 2007, the total number of registered children are 253, Out of 253, 232 children are sponsored, remaining 21 children and unsponsored and they are eagerly waiting for sponsorship. They are studying in 26 different schools within the vicinity of the project.

We in WCDC endeavor to perceive more and more the mission and vision of Compassion through 4 fold activities of Compassion and press on towards the achievement of its goal: the child developing into a responsible and fulfilled Christian Adult. Many children in the WCDC have made commitments to become evangelists to serve the Lord after completion of their studies. It is hearting to record that one of our Compassion sponsored children, Miss J. Emilin, is ministering as a S.R.A. in our project after completion of her studies. Because of Compassion’s help, all the children perform well in their studies, extracurricular activities and vocational skills.

During this year, compassion rendered a medical grant for one of our project children, K. Anandhi, for open heart surgery. WCDC and the Anandhi family are grateful to God for the valuable support of the CBV. Spiritual activities, educational trips, and field trips are conducted on a regular basis to boost their morale. Children were excited to receive birthday gifts, family gifts and Christmas gifts from their respective sponsors.

“Friend in need is Friend indeed.” Yes, the worldwide Compassion family, through their empathetic prayer, stood with 65 children and their families when they were literally shaken by the Tsunami. Compassion rendered relief and rehabilitation ministry. All the families were provided immediate needs like rice, dhal., and oil for two months, dress materials, books and notes. Sixty children’s families were given fishnets and steel cupboard.

Twenty-four children’s families were given catamarans, fishnets, 7hp diesel engine for catamarans, and aluminum vessels. Thirteen children’s house flooring was renovated. 27 children’s houses received power supply (electricity connection). As of 30 November 2005, approximately Rs. 2010560.03 (US $46,757) has been spent (granted) by Compassion towards relief and rehabilitation work for the Tsunami affected children and their families. All the children’s families were encouraged by the house visits made by our project staff. Compassion sponsors visited the Tsunami affected children and families. They enthusiastically participate in white washing, constructing the walls of houses that were damaged by the Tsunami, and painting the catamarans provided by CBV.

On Dec 14, 2006, there was an unexpected fire accident within the vicinity of our project in which 6 of our project children’s families literally lost their belongings including their houses. Compassion rendered immediate relief assistance like providing food, dry rations, school supplies, color clothes, and household articles. We are waiting to rebuild their damaged houses.

Our project children enthusiastically participated in the Cluster level sports meet organized by Compassion and secured 4 prizes. Our project children had the privilege to exhibit their hand works during the 2007 Compassion Partner’s Conference.

The Methodist Church in India, particularly Wesley Child Development Centre, is immensely grateful to Compassion for its great help and partnership in releasing children from poverty in Jesus Christ’s name. We constantly uphold the cores of sponsors who sacrificially contribute towards this meaningful ministry to the under privileged children. We thank each of you for your prayerful support, please do convey our heartfelt gratitude, love and prayers to all the sponsors, prayer partners, and staff ministering in Compassion.

“And the King shall answer and say unto them, ‘Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.’” Matthew 25:40

Prayerfully submitted,
Children and Staff