[featured_image]One of my friends sent me a Christmas card that expressed his thankfulness for our friendship. It meant a lot to me personally. And one of the things he pointed out was how much being a good friend is descriptive of a coaching role.

A “Coach”….

..reaches out to another,

believes in another,
hopes the best for another,
and makes a special difference that no one else can make.

When it’s all said and done, I want to be a coach like that. But more importantly I want to be a friend like that!

One of the amazing benefits for me as a coach is that I’ve become good friends with many of the leaders whom I’ve coached. And on top of that, my own coaches have become my friends. I really like that!

If you are looking for a coach, check out Missional Challenge Coaches. You might discover that coaching is a lot like collaborating with a friend.

Today’s Missional Challenge

As you coach others, believe in them, hope for them, and make a difference in their lives.