One of the challenges that church planters often face is when their vision creates expectations that don’t meet reality.

What do you do when you have a big VISION and are able to generate ideas for the future but that picture you are sharing with others is a long way off?

Recently I had a coaching conversation with a church planter who had planned an information dinner for people interested in discovering more about their new church plant. They prepared a great meal and the presentation by the team was excellent. The only problem was that only 3 people showed up and they were expecting 50.

His perspective was positive and we explored several reasons that reality didn’t meet his expectations. We talked about this issue of balancing vision, reality and expectations.

He recognized that he could have done a better job of personally following-up with individuals who had indicated they might come. We talked about how the team could be more involved in confirming who was coming. And we worked to apply the things he was learning toward his next gathering event.

As I ponder this challenge, I think that it’s necessary for church planters and other visionary leaders to cast the vision that God has given them boldly, yet realistically. You can have a HUGE vision that paints an amazing picture of what you believe God has called you to be part of in your city! But don’t create expectations that you can deliver that instantly.

1. Be realistic with the outcome of steps toward the vision.
2. Be realistic with understanding your contribution to the vision.
3. Be realistic with the timing of the vision.
4. Be realistic with partners in attaining the vision.

What do you think is important in balancing vision, expectations and reality?
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Today’s Missional Challenge

Be realistic as you set outcomes toward attaining the vision God has given you!

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