[featured_image]It’s Valentine’s Day today. My wife and I went on a picnic yesterday for lunch and later we enjoyed dinner out. We had a great time together. And after 20 years of marriage, I can definitely say that I love her more today than ever. But marriage takes work and commitment and sacrifice. Often times I fail to really love my wife the way I desire. It grieves me that she doesn’t feel treasured by me sometimes. But we’re not giving up. We’re committed to working through the hard times. One of the pastors that I’m coaching has worked through some incredibly hard times in his marriage. Sam got caught up in business success and neglected his wife. He worked hard in the business world and achieved the status that most people only dream of. And yet, his life fell apart and he almost lost his wife.

Now, together with Steve Arteburn, Sam Gallucci has written a book for a business traveler that provides a plan to help you protect your job, family and spiritual life from disaster. From his own experiences on the road, Sam shows you ways to maintain balance, overcome burnout, strengthen your marriage, resist temptation, and preserve your life.

Published by Random House and released this month, Road Warriorwill show you how to keep your faith, relationships and integrity when away from home. I’ve talked to many men who strongly resist pornography at home, only to indulge as soon as they are traveling. I highly recommend Road Warrior to you. You can read an excerpt here, or you can order it online here.

If you travel for ministry or business, you need to read this book!