Thoughts inspired by Alan Hirsch Aquarium life is aAquarium Life (a.k.a. Church Life) | missionalchallenge.comn artificial environment.

You need to watch the pH level and oxygenate and filter the water and maintain the proper water temperature and provide food to keep the fish in the aquarium alive.

In the movie Finding Nemo, when Nemo enters the fish tank, all the other fish scatter. They fear that Nemo is a germ carrier and a threat to their survival. After being cleaned up, Nemo and the other inhabitants of the tank become a community. In the real world (not an animated movie) – when Nemo goes back into the ocean, he would die. He would no longer be prepared to survive in the natural environment. He’s been conditioned to the artificial environment of the aquarium.

How does this relate to life in the church? Any ideas….

Today’s Missional Challenge

Don’t spend so much time in a Christian environment that you can’t survive in the real world.