Many people expect that becoming “missional” is a minor change or adjustment to the way they do church – like adding rugs and candles to their Sunday gatherings or adopting the local elementary school and initiating community service projects.

Here’s a quick understanding of missional – being a missionary everywhere you are!

Bob Practico has posted a good list of missional practices:

It’s not that traditional churches or contemporary churches are irrelevant. They are not.

I heard a conservative radio talk show host say today, “The Democrats want us to lose the war.” Then he added, “This is unfathomable.”

God’s church falters from exhaustion because Christians erroneously think that God has given them a mission to perform in the world. Rather, the God of mission has given his church to the world.

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My friend Doug McClintic gave me a book to read a few months ago that addresses how to organize congregations to succeed in their mission.

Ed Stetzer, missiologist with the North American Mission Board (NAMB), introduced me to a great website for exploring research concerning the church in America.

I am very excited about this new church plant in Tucson, Arizona. John Phipps is a new church planter with the MCWD and they had a great story on the local news last weekend about his new church.

A call to believers and pastors to reclaim the missionary thrust of the gospel throughout the United States and beyond.