Infantilism |

INFANTALISM. You may have never heard of this before but it’s a danger for many Christians – Here’s what it is

What Stops Church Multiplication? Disobedient Christians |

When disciplemaking stops, new churches stop being birthed. Jesus told His disciples to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). This required going, baptizing, and teaching to obey. When we fail to teach obedience to Christ’s commands, disciplemaking stops. When disciplemaking stops, church multiplication stops.

Too many churches in America are failing to make disciples of non-disciples. The mission of many churches is internally focused on more people, more money, and more buildings, rather than externally focused on the mission of Jesus.

Here’s a short video that emphasizes the perceptions that non-Christians have of Christians: [click here]

Extractionalism |

Extractionalism is moving new Christians out of relationship with non-believers in the culture in order to foster new relationships almost exclusively within the church.

Jesus did not seek the lost in this way; Jesus always took the initiative to cross cultural barriers in order to reach people. He entered their world. He did not require them to enter His world.

Attractionalism is the belief that creating an appealing church service and programs will attract unbelievers to come to church.

Last night at the Organic Movements Conference, Deb Hirsch gave the opening talk. She started by addressing the question – “What is it that motivates you to do what you do?”