Crazy Chennai Rickshaw Ride |

After dinner at Sparky’s, I jumped into the back of an auto rickshaw (with two other students) to get back to the hotel. It was Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! Check it out!

Dr. Jesudas M. Athyal, from the Gurukul Lutheran Theological College in Chennai, India, taught on various dimensions of the Indian society. It was very insightful as he explained the social-religious aspects of the culture, including politics, economics, religion and the urban-rural context.

Go to the peasant people

[featured_image]The Roman Road or the Silk Road  The “Missional Challenge” is to understand and engage the culture with the gospel. Dr. Ray Bakke has a great perspective on the spread of Christianity in the first century to western culture, and some interesting thoughts for the church today. Let me know what you think!!!  

This is one of the interesting places we visited on Tuesday. The Theosophical Society was founded by Madame Blavatsky (an occultist) and Colonel Olcott.

Here’s my trip from the airport to the hotel yesterday! You won’t believe how crazy they drive here in India. My taxi driver was on the horn constantly. What a great way to start two weeks here.

Hi! I’m in the airport in Bangkok waiting for my flight to Chennai, India. I had a good flight, got some sleep, and the food was okay. I’m eager to get to India and can’t wait to learn so much from Dr. Ray Bakke.