Values reflect a person’s unique beliefs, core convictions, and guiding principles. Your values will guide ongoing attitudes and behaviors. Often times, values are unwritten assumptions that guide actions.

Christians must understand how the Word becomes flesh in their local culture. They must know the gospel, live the gospel, and proclaim the gospel in a given cultural context.

Exegeting the culture is the work of every missionalist—a Christian who is aligned with the redemptive mission of Jesus. Ray Bakke asks the question, “How do you interpret a neighborhood?” He then suggests that it is similar to interpreting Scripture

Being a missionary in America is about submission to the King. Christians do not have a mission of their own. As kingdom citizens, every believer’s mission is the same.

As I’ve been posting on being a missionalist, I’ve asked myself, “Why am I a missionalist?” Here is my answer…

I am a missionalist. To me, every believer is a missionary. The Church is missionary. Christians are God’s missionary people. I agree with Craig Van Gelder when he said: “The church is missionary by nature because God has sent it on a mission in the world under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Christianity needs missionalists – and lots of them!!!

To fully embody the mission of Jesus, Christians today need to experience Missional Transformation

I am a Missionalist — This realization hit me last week!