The Multiplication Workshop is an eight session course guiding church planters and their teams in building a church plant by making disciples who make disciples.

If you are the only one training disciplemakers, you become the limiting factor in reproducing disciplemakers. You have a limited capacity. But if you train to train others – you become a multiplication engine. There is no limit to reproduction if everyone you train becomes a trainer of trainers. Start churches by making disciples who make disciples! The Multiplication Workshop will show you how to do it.

Everything is online and can be accessed anywhere there is wifi. Participants watch videos and answer questions on the course website.

You have lifetime access to the training, so you can go back anytime to review the training.

Your purchase of the course includes all required resources. The course website contains an online workbook and class videos.

Enrollment is always open, and participants can purchase and start the course at any time. The courses are work-at-your-own pace, meaning the content can be completed in as little or as much time as needed.

The eight session topics include:

  1. Seize the Mission of Jesus
  2. Adopt Missional Thinking and Behaviors
  3. Exegete the Culture
  4. Incarnate the Gospel
  5. Multiply Disciplemakers
  6. Form Missional Communities: Churches
  7. Mobilize Leaders and Teams
  8. Clarify Vision

This course walks participants through the steps of planning a new church by identifying Jesus’ mission and values, then studying the mission field and ways to connect with people in it. The course then goes through the “Disciplemaking Engines” and building teams and leaders.

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Are you ready to plant a church by making disciples who make disciples? Get started today!