Joe Donaldson has coached dozens of pastors, ministry leaders, and entrepreneurs, helping them to be more focused and effective in their lives and ministry. He is deeply committed to making disciples who make disciples, who make disciples, and to assisting churches and leaders in developing disciple-making cultures and systems.

Joe has extensive background with regional and national denominational leadership, serving on boards at both levels. He consults with ConvergeNW to assist churches in pastoral placement through the P3 process and has been recognized by the Society of Church Consultants as a Certified Church Consultant.

Joe is a graduate of Bethel University and Bethel Seminary. He is a certified Christian Leadership Coach  (CAM), a certified Discipleship Coach (CCNI), and a licensed trainer for the COACH Workshop for Ministry Leaders (CRM). Joe holds the ACC level certification from ICF and served on the WA State ICF Board.

The International Coach Federation designated him an Associate Certified Coach.

Joe and his wife, Julie, live in Federal Way, WA.

Closing the Gap

  • You’re facing a major decision you’ve wrestled with for weeks – maybe even months – and you’re still uncertain which way to go. 
  • You’ve been attempting to achieve a particular goal but no matter what you do you’re no closer to attaining that goal than when you started.
  • You seem to be stuck in a Ground-Hog-Day loop repeating the same mistakes day after day after day.

The distance between where you are and where you want to be is “the gap.” This gap looks different for different people. Some are fairly small and take just a little more effort to cross. Other gaps are huge and will take some pretty intense work to successfully navigate. Either way you’re going to need some help closing the gap.

Regardless of size, coaching is the best way to close the gap. With a coach you will set a course and begin to take specific steps toward your goal. With each coaching conversation you will begin to see real, measurable progress as the gap begins to shrink. Each step of the way you are the one identifying the best “next step” along your journey. Your coach will guide you with questions to bring clarity, effectiveness, and momentum to your steps but you decide which steps to take and whether you will walk, run, or leap forward! You will experience a new sense of accomplishment once you close the gap and step back to celebrate your much-earned success.

What’s the gap in your life?

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  • Commitment to developing disciple-makers and disciple-making cultures
  • Ordained minister with 35+ years of ministry experience
  • Professional coach training through Creative Results Management
  • Graduate of CORE Coaching Skills Certificate training
  • Coach Approach Ministries Certified Christian Leadership Coach
  • Christian Coaches Network Certificate in Discipleship Coaching
  • Member and former board member of ICF Washington State
  • International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach

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