Everyone benefits from the personal and intentional growth that results from mentoring relationships. Being mentored and mentoring others (so that they will mentor others) shapes the course of your life and calling and helps you achieve your God-given potential. Mentoring is a powerful, biblical process that impacts generations of leaders. Course of a Mentor unpacks how God taught Bill and Laurie Keyes the value of mentoring as a way of investing in the lives of others. Their story and learnings will inspire and encourage you to invest in mentoring relationships for the rest of your life. Get ready to be entrusted with practical advice for running the course well as a mentor.

Meet the Authors

Bill and Laurie Keyes have ministered to hundreds of missionaries, pastors and church leaders for more than fifty years. After serving in Brazil for 13 years with OC International, Bill was Vice President of Personnel for 30 years—devoted to mobilizing and mentoring missionaries. Bill and Laurie live in Bellevue, Washington and are active in their local church, while continuing to mentor and encourage dozens of cross-cultural missionaries around the world.

It is our prayer that God will use this book to MOTIVATE and MOBILIZE people to become mentors who have never thought about doing so.


I am so glad Bill wrote this book. It’s a way of putting his heart on paper and making it available to the whole Body of Christ worldwide. My hope is that through this book many others will have the same life-changing experience that we have had. I strongly recommend this book as a practical manual that comes from a man who really knows what spiritual mentorship is. Don’t expect vague theories; this is not Bill’s way at all. On the contrary, his life will come out on these pages. Bill and Laurie mentor with commitment, sacrifice, and love.

This book is long overdue, but then again, it’s been a lifetime in the making. I believe it will be used as a guidebook for many as they seek to carry out the exhortation of 2 Timothy 2:2.

Just finished reading your book… and LOVED it!! It was personal, inspirational, and so practical! Thank you for following God’s voice in writing this book. I was personally moved and touched. I’m sure it will be a huge blessing to so many.

Share Your Journey

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  • What has your mentoring journey been like? Are you just starting or have you been mentoring for a long time? Whatever youre situation, we'd love to hear about it!


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