A Healthy You

Bigger is not better. Better is better. The outside does not always show what is happening on the inside. As people, organizations and churches, we desire to be healthy. We were created “wholistically,” and we can achieve wholeness as people and as organizations.

Purpose and intentionality will take us from where we are to where we want to be. That will require embracing healthy systems. A Healthy You is for every person, church and organization. It contains a theology of systems, a primer for productivity, and a manual for our mission, message and methods.

Dan will help you navigate changes you may need to make, drawing on his breadth of experience and his connections with great leaders. This book is chock-full of wisdom, concepts and test cases born out of many years of experience and practice. Implement these principles, and you will experience health and wholeness. You were created on purpose, and God breathed His life into you so that you can breathe that life into your world.

A Healthy You is a journey into the systems, strategies and structures that will build a firm foundation for health, transformation and multiplication. This is a book for every person and every team. Walk through A Healthy You as you assess your personal and organizational health.

Meet the Author

Dan is a visionary architect, author and thought leader. He is a highly engaging, passionate, biblically trustworthy, and culturally relevant communicator. He will motivate you to embrace God’s movement by coaching you to achieve your vision. Dan is the founding Pastor of Gateway Church and continues to serve as Pastor of Mobilization, served on the global PEACE team with Saddleback Church, is the Director of Discover for Assist Church Expansion and is the Executive Director of Breathe Partners. Dan is married to Gay, they have 4 amazing children and 9 grandchildren.


Dan is a passionate leader with a clear mission to help you become a “healthier you” for greater impact! This is a must-read if you desire to deepen your relationships, expand your impact, and become the best version of yourself!

Healthy things naturally grow, and you don’t have to tell them to grow; they just do it. Dan shows how having a healthy system, strategy, structure and space leads not only to health in your organization or management of a crisis but in your own life. A Healthy You doesn’t just give you a recipe to get healthy—it gives you the tools for staying healthy.

Dan O’ Deens doesn’t waste words or toss about unnecessary theological jargon to get his point across. He is like a boxer—tenacious and swift—making clear the problems he observes and his hope-filled, Bible-based solutions to each one. The book moves swiftly and offers some snapping and perhaps jarring comments. Yet, Dan has weathered the seasons as a pastor and offers solid insight.

Dan is a systems guy. For as long as I’ve known him, he has always been a student of healthy systems. This book is chock full of wisdom that Dan has gleaned over many years of experiencing both healthy and unhealthy systems. Dan is a doer and a practitioner, not just a thinker. The concepts in this book are born out of experience and practice. No matter where you are on your leadership journey, this book should be a resource and toolbox you to refer to often.