[featured_image]Jared Looney shares about home churches on ABC News (Dec 22Worshipping at Home | missionalchallenge.com, 2010) – link: Worshipping at Home: Household Churches New Norm for Some Families.

“It’s less about where they meet and more about their small, close-knit community.”


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More about Jared Looney:

Born in Ohio and transplanted to Texas as a child, Jared earned a BS in Domestic Missions from Abilene Christian University. While still in school God ignited a passion in him for urban ministry, and he spent summer vacations working with various ministries such as Houston Impact Ministries, Memphis Urban Ministry, and Camp Shiloh in New York.
In 1996 Jared joined the staff of Impact Houston Church of Christ where he served as a youth minister and developed new ministry programs while completing his MA at Houston Graduate School of Theology. After 18 months as church planter-in-residence with Mission Church in Abilene, Texas, Jared relocated to New York City in 2001.

In 2003 Jared and his team planted Bronx Fellowship, an organic church network; and he continues to develop new disciples and new faith communities in the Bronx area while serving to encourage church multiplication throughout the city and beyond. Jared has experience to varying degrees in large multi-service urban ministries, small ethnic churches, traditional congregations, cell-based churches, and organic church networks. While completing a doctor of missiology degree (Fuller Seminary), he continues making disciples, researching organic church multiplication, and teaching PLI’s “Church Multiplication & Planting” course. He loves to see lives transformed due to ordinary people participating in the mission of God. Jared shares his New York City home with his wife, Hylma, and his daughter, Adalia.