[featured_image]That’s a good coaching question!

As a coach, I find that asking good questions is one of the things that I really enjoy. In fact, it makes me smile when I hear someone I am coaching say to me, “That’s a good question.” That response is often followed by an extended silence as they consider an appropriate answer to the question.

However, good questions aren’t good simply because they require thoughtful reflections. Good questions lead to appropriate actions. When I ask a series of good questions in a coaching session, the person I am coaching is able to identify the next steps to take to accomplish their goals, dreams or desires.

While flying back to Seattle from Los Angeles on Virgin America recently, I awoke from a brief nap and found myself staring at the red video screen in front of me. A simple question was written across the screen: What do you want to do? Sometimes it is a simple question that can lead someone to a breakthrough moment or a lifelong decision.

As I stared at the screen, I realized that I had many wonderful options presented to me. I could watch on demand movies, foreign films, satellite tv, or on demand tv. I could listen to music or the radio or even watch music videos. I could even play a variety of video games or chat seat-to-seat with another passenger. I sat there and considered my options.

The question “What do you want to do?” helped me to recognize that I had multiple options in front of me. It also caused me to focus on which of those options did I really want.

As a coach, I not only want to help someone discover thier options, but I want to help them to choose what’s essential for them to achieve what they really want.

Sitting on the plane, I was reminded that I had choices. Ultimately I could choose what I wanted to do. So I chose to listen to U2 while writing this blog post. Next, I’m going to finish writing a pre-assessment report for a church planter candidate.

As you think about your choices – What do you want to do?

What is really essential? Of all the things you could do today, what will help you achieve your goals, dreams, or desires?

Now – go do it!