Last month Larry Barker trained The Multiplication Workshop materials with a group of Philippine pastors via webcam. Last week he sent me a report of his follow-up briefing with these pastors as they implemented the training principles.

8 pastors reported on their progress! Praise God with me!TMW: Reports from the Mission Field | missionalchallenge.com

Reports: (6 weeks after training)

1. Elvis

  • Started SOAPing I Chron
  • Started gardening group in his neighborhood
  • Intentionality
  • 6 saved – 1 last Friday

2. Doug

3. Aster

  • Began leadership training
  • Making his DNA – Disciples making Disciples
  • Looking for those who are FAT:
    • Faithful
    • Available
    • Teachable
  • SOAPing

4. Wade

  • Looking for new possibilities in their new community
  • SOAPing Acts for Missional Mindset
  • Being as visible as he possibly can being outside meeting people
  • Praying for Person of Peace
  • 11 year old son has really caught the vision

5. Areo

  • 1 saved recently
  • Doing leadership training on making disciples
  • SOAP has been wonderful
  • Leading his older church to go back and adopt missional thinking and behavior

6. Rex

  • Strategies of training have really helped him
  • 5 have committed to be disciplemakers
  • 4 already have 2 disciples each
  • 12 attending his Bible study
  • 7 recently saved
  • Wife saw training manual and said, “If you don’t do this I will!”

7. Vincent

  • The workshop helped him to do what he should have been doing all along
  • Forced me to focus and take responsibility for my circle of influence
  • Started a Bible study with security guards
  • Leader of guards is a former Mormon missionary and now attending church

8. Randy

  • Trained 2 potential leaders in the church
  • Shared vision with the church after the training
  • Challenged them to accept challenge to the 4th generation
  • They asked to start meeting on this every week.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how taking The Multiplication Workshop course and joining a Multiplication Cohort could help you align with Jesus’ mission of making disciples!

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