The Mission Field Called America

According to Tom Clegg and Warren Bird in their new book Missing in America

Every day, people must decide what they’ll do with Jesus. In America, researchers have identified over 600 different religions. This very day, among some 300 million Americans

  • The number of people identified as “nonreligious” or having “no religion” will grow by 10,337
  • The number of Mormons will grow by 1,787
  • The number of Jews will grow by 1,063
  • The number of Muslims will grow by 414
  • The number of Buddhists will grow by 406
  • The number of Hindus will grow by 288
  • The number of Wicca followers (organized witchcraft) will grow by 115

But this very same day as many as…

  • 5,969 Americans will begin to follow Jesus.
  • Eight U.S. churches will close their doors forever.
  • And 10 new churches will open somewhere in America.

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Dave DeVries

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Dr. Dave DeVries is a coach, trainer, author and founder of Missional Challenge. He is passionate about coaching and training church planters and missional leaders. With 30+ years of church planting and leadership development experience, Dave brings his passion and encouragement to those he trains and coaches.
3 replies
  1. Bob Carder
    Bob Carder says:

    Just thinking…

    Of the 10 new churches that open their doors in America today, how many of them will be disciple making movements?

    And of those who close their doors today, how many of them died because they were not making disciples.

    Coupled with this, I guess we need to redefine what it means to be a disciple. Some people think all of the activity in the church is making disciples. Nothing is further from the truth.

  2. DaveDV
    DaveDV says:

    I’m grateful that a large number of churches that are started in the United States actually are making disciples and leading people to follow Jesus. I long for the day when we see disciples making disciples is normal Christianity.

    I agree that many churches close because they are not making disciples – roughly half of all churches in America did not add one new person through conversion growth in 1999 (and I doubt that has changed in the years since).

    Disciples are not making disciples who make disciples. Spiritual reproduction is non-existent. Most churches are not reproducing churches. Both Christians and churches in America are infertile! They have stopped trying to reproduce altogether. Although God designed every Christian with a capacity for spiritual reproduction, most Christians seem incapable of doing it.

    Neil Cole writes, “Imagine the headlines if it were suddenly discovered that 96 percent of women in America were no longer fertile and could not have babies. We would instantly know two things. First, this is not natural, so there is something wrong with their health. Second, we would also know that the future is in serious jeopardy. This is the state of the church in America right now. It is that serious, and we need to take heed.”

    Thanks for expressing your concern Bob!

  3. Bob Carder
    Bob Carder says:

    Dave, your comments are most appreciated. We have a God birth Disciple Driven Church Project that is beginning to sweep into other parts of the country. Finally I am seeing disciples making disciples who are making disciples. The Holy Spirit is showing us the steps in leading this reformation in America.

    There is lots to learn and what we have learned is a rhema of the Holy Spirit.

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