Start Multiplying Disciples |

Jesus sent His disciples to make disciples to make disciples to make disciples!
However, many followers of Jesus have never actually made a disciple and don’t know how to make disciples.

Cultivating Movements |

It’s great to be in Southern California for a new project! I’m launching a Missional Movement Leaders Network this month with the Missionary Church Western Region. The focus of this network is to partner together toward the advancement of disciplemaking and church planting movements.

This isn’t a surprise. In many churches, baptizing is reserved for the clergy. However, nowhere in the New Testament do we see instructions or restrictions that limit who can baptize.

I just completed three days of training pastors and church planters with Ken Priddy in Charlotte, NC through The Multiplication Workshop. The training was built around The Multiplication Cycle™and emphasized the importance of starting churches by making disciples.

The Multiplication Cycle™ is a helpful tool which empowers Christians through a customizable approach for their unique context to make disciples who make disciples! (learn more)

Last month Larry Barker trained The Multiplication Workshop materials with a group of Philippine pastors via webcam. Last week he sent me a report of his follow-up briefing with these pastors as they implemented the training principles.

I met Pastor Jason Lane in Little Rock, Arkansas several months ago. He attended The Multiplication Workshop – and then headed back to lead his church in Palmetto, Florida to engage in making disciples who make disciples.