At a recent meeting with pastors in Fort Collins, Colorado, I had the opportunity to lead a conversation that focused on living missionally. One of the pastors, Ben Yarbro, made this insightful statement:

This past Sunday, Dr. Mark Saucy (Professor of Theology at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, Califorinia)

The key question that every believer needs to ask is: “Do I want to be part of a movement of God’s people or do I just want to help grow a larger church?” While movements will result in the multiplication of churches, movements are not only about multiplying churches.

In The Externally Focused Church, you can read about Colorado Community Church in Aurora, CO. “They are defined by going after those who are still in the water.”

What did Jesus do? Since incarnating the gospel is about being Jesus, believers have to be good followers of Jesus. They have to learn from Jesus. They have to imitate Him.

Engaging the culture around you with the gospel can be a struggle. Deciding that you are a “missionary” right where you live doesn’t automatically result in effective engagement with those around you.

Years ago, I was motivated toward disciplemaking by reading Allen Hadidians’ book Successful Discipling (Moody Press, 1979).He describes how he often challenged those he was discipling with an exhortation to Christian living.

When God became a man, He did not come “to be served, but to serve” (Matt 20:28). He came to “give His life as a ransom for many.” He took on the form of a servant.

Reaching Every Man, Woman, and Child |

Imagine what God could do in your neighborhood, town, city or state….

Every believer has been sent by Jesus with the gospel in community to the culture for the sake of the King and His kingdom.”