Five years ago, I was just beginning to get my thoughts focused on the priority of missional living. I was reading and writing about the mission of the Church and how to align every believer with that mission.

Martin Robinson and Dwight Smith’s book Invading Secular Space challenges the Church to live out the mission of Jesus!

My passion is to accelerate exponential disciplemaking movements that transform America and beyond!
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How is your life aligned with the mission of Jesus? How are you engaging those in the culture around you with the message of the gospel? This is the challenge facing every believer

In most posts over the past year I’ve tried to include a personal challenge toward missional living and some related posts to read – so today shouldn’t be any different.

Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples.”

Aligning your life with Jesus’ mission

Welcome to Day 21

When the gulf coast of the United States was hit by a Category 5 hurricane in 2005, we watched in shock at the devastation of this disaster. Tens of thousands of businesses and homes were beyond repair. Hurricane Katrina was a deadly disaster – the deadliest in the US since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Each day includes specific tasks to help you discover what missional living is all about, and action steps to start “being Jesus” to those around you!