A few years ago I wrote a book called Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living.

Here’s what it is about:

Every Christian is sent by Jesus to “be Jesus” to everyone everywhere. Missional Living is all about aligning your heart with Jesus’ missionary heart. Six-Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living gives you practical ways to help you incarnationally display the gospel to those around you, make disciples who make disciples, and multiply churches all over the place.

I’d encourage you to read it – you can purchase it on amazon.com.

The book is part of the Six-Word Lessons Series.

Here are some of the titles now available in the series:

Six-Word Lessons for Project Managers by Lonnie Pacelli

Straight-up wisdom you can put to use immediately! Get a bevy of project management wisdom nuggets with a practical explanation of how to apply each nugget in your day-to-day job as a project manager. Rather than pore through pages and pages of content trying to mine nuggets, Six-Word Lessons for Project Managers gives them to you straight up — no strainer needed.

Six-Word Lessons to Build a Sustainable Legacy by Tom Fowler

Inheritance and wealth are often regarded as taboo subjects by parents. Thus, the question remains, how can I keep my family and the family wealth together through subsequent generations? The answer is Legacy Planning. A legacy is defined as “a gift of property or anything handed down from the past”. The legacy we hand down to future generations is more than wealth. It also includes values, vision, and goals.

Six-Word Lessons to Build Great Web Sites by Mike Howell and Eric Peters

Get 100 easy to undertand tips and tricks for street proven website design, development, and e-marketing campaigns. You’ll get crystal clear and practical explanations of industry trends and best practices to optimize great websites that get found by the search engines. Don’t navigate the ever-changing search engine maze alone; Six-Word Lessons to Build Great Web Sites will help you deliver results your competition will envy!

Six-Word Lessons to Be More Productive by Debbie Rosemont

Get 100 practical, easy to implement, effective strategies to help you increase focus, organization and productivity at work. Find what you need when you need it, be on time with your appointments and commitments, work free of distraction in your office, reduce stress, improve your follow through, and increase revenue. Work smarter, not harder with systems and habits that work.

Six-Word Lessons on Surviving Divorce by Barbara G. Feinberg

Ending a committed relationship is complicated, confusing, overwhelming and emotionally draining. Written by an experienced marriage and family therapist and life coach, this little book provides a hundred sensible, no-nonsense tips about the many issues raised by considering, going ahead with and getting beyond divorce.

Six-Word Lessons for Unique Sales Wisdom by Chris Carlson

Sales success nuggets to help you exceed quota every time! Salespeople are constantly looking for nuggets that will help them be more effective and more productive. Our format allows you to focus your attention on the nuggets you need and then apply the lessons to your daily routine as a Sales Professional.

Six-Word Lessons to Look Your Best by Patty Pacelli

Practical lessons you can put to use immediately! Rather than pore through pages and pages of content trying to find what works for you, Six-Word Lessons to Look Your Best gives you 100 tips to keep you always looking your best. Each lesson is short and simple, with a practical explanation that gives you everything you need to know to flatter and enhance your own unique beauty–from head to toe.

Six-Word Lesson on Growing Up Autistic by Trevor Pacelli

100 short, practical tips to help understand the autistic person in your life, told through insightful personal experiences by someone who has grown up autistic. “My hope is that you are able to use my experiences to help you with raising your autistic child, or relating to anyone you know who is living with autism.”

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