Pray for Roland Niednagel’s Recovery

Pray for Roland Niednagel's Recovery |

Roland training with a translator

My friend Roland Niednagel had surgery to remove a brain tumor this past week. I was shocked when I heard the news. While the surgery went well, he needs prayer for his recovery.

A Facebook page has been created to give updates on Roland’s Recovery. After the surgery, his wife posted:

Roland’s surgery today was successful, with the removal of the entire tumor. To quote the doctor tonight- the MRI was immaculate. Roland’s speech is progressing but his right side remains weak. He will require physical therapy for total restoration.

Also, because of the nature of the tumor, he will most likely need chemotherapy and radiation in case there are some cells that escaped that can’t be detected. We have the hope of restoration, but there’s a journey of a few weeks to get there.

And today (Saturday) this was the further update:

A huge praise for Roland today. A regular room finally came open so he could move from ICU. We were on a waiting list for 30 hours. The new room is quiet and lovely, and we’re grateful. Now we need a physical therapy assessment so he can get started on therapy.

Please pray that therapy can begin as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your prayer!

Please pray!!!

Roland, Keith Webb and I traveled to Durg, India in December 2009 to train church planting leaders with Empart. It was a marvelous opportunity and I learned so much from Roland. He is a spiritual leader with a heart to develop and coach leaders around the world.

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Please pray for Roland!


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