[featured_image]Dr. Steve Ogne suggests how to evaluate your church’s effectMobilizing Mission and Ministry Teams | missionalchallenge.comiveness by taking a look at your Mission Teams and Ministry Teams.

Watch the video on Mobilizing Mission and Ministry Teams:

Step One: Divide a piece of paper into 2 Columns: Mission Teams & Ministry Teams.

Step Two: List all the ministries that your church has which focus on believers and their families under Ministry Teams (worship, children’s ministry, small groups, ushers, greeters, etc).

Step Three: List all the ministries that are intentionally focused on lost people and take place outside the church facility under Mission Teams.

“What I’ve noticed…is most churches are 10:1 in favor of the believer with only a few things truly focused externally. I just don’t think that’s consistent with the Great Commission which starts with GO!”

How to Increase Mission Teams

1. Repent.

2. Assess

  • What are the needs in our community?
  • What are skills, resources, and passions in our church body?

3. Experiment.

4. Leadership.

  • Look for those who aren’t already serving within the body.

5. Partnership.

  • Join others in community who share the same concern.

6. Evaluate.

  • Choose activities that make a difference.
  • Choose activities that make a relationship.
  • Choose activities that make disciples.

Goal: As many externally focused Mission Teams as internally focused Ministry Teams!

“Effective Mission Teams focused on lost people outside the building…and doing that in partnership often with secular entities is a great way to mobilize Christians to make a difference in their community, make relationships with lost people, and make disciples of Jesus Christ!” – Dr. Steve Ogne

Today’s Missional Challenge

Prayerfully start to increase the number of teams your church is mobilizing to serve outside of your campus.