[featured_image]My friend Jared Roth shared with me a picture of a denomination as a Missional Movement. This picture is helpful for not only the denomination that I’m part of – The Missionary Church – but for any individual, church, network, or denomination that wants to accomplish Jesus’ redemptive mission:

Pursue becoming a movement with these values, characteristics, and commitments…

We Valued:

  1. God Dependency—we are Spirit led
  2. High Commitment—we fully follow Christ
  3. Great Commission Motivation—we “go and seek”
  4. Kingdom Partnership—we work with others
  5. Cultural Engagement—we live authentically in our community
  6. Multiplication Paradigms—we help healthy things reproduce
  7. Ministry by Team—we value diverse gifts equally

We Imagined:

That [our denomination, network, church] launched a movement of churches in the United States that accelerated Kingdom expansion by:

  1. Focused prayer
  2. Multiplying missional leaders
  3. Multiplying missional churches
  4. Multiplying missional districts/associations/networks

We Saw Ourselves:

  1. Committed to dependence on God and motivated by the Great Commission
  2. Recruiting, empowering and releasing missional leaders
  3. Multiplying missional leaders, churches, and districts
  4. Going, seeking and reaching people in major population centers
  5. Building teams who attract resources
  6. Engaging the community in its culture
  7. Making fully devoted followers of Christ

This is an incredible picture of what God could accomplish!

Today’s Missional Challenge

Pray that God would use you to be part of a missional movement! Consider what steps you need to take to adopt the values and characteristics described above.