[featured_image]Sometimes we try to make things so hard. Especially our understanding of missional.

It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than this.

Isn’t it about seeing how many neighbors we can take to heaven with us? Can’t we boil it down to looking at people who live within a bike ride of our houses, seeing how many of them we can take to heaven with us through the work of Christ?

(from Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels, p. 59)

Missional describes being a missionary wherever you are – right in your very own zip code, neighborhood and workplace. Instead of filling up your life with church activities, start relating to lost people around you. Look for needs. Serve. Love. Give. Serve some more. Love more. Give more. Be Jesus to them. Help. Listen to their story. Share your story. Tell God’s story.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It certainly isn’t easy.

Imagine making it your habit to approach everyone around you with this attitude: My ultimate goal is to see how many of these people I can have on each elbow when I cross the finish line of this earthly life and run into God’s presence for all of eternity! (p. 60)