Madagascar: 500 New Churches in 6 Months!

God is doing amazing things through His Church to accomplish His redemptive purpose in Madagascar!

Just one year ago, 500 churches planted in Madagascar in 6 months!

While I was attending the Global Church Planting Network (GCPN) conference in Istanbul in March 2011, I had an opportunity to spend time with Dinah and hear what’s been happening in the area of church planting and disciplemaking.
200 churches were planted from 1997-2006.
600 churches were planted from 2006-2010.
500 more churches were plants from September 2010 to March 2011.

1300 Churches Planted!
Watch this short video testimony and focus specifically on their vision: 6,000 churches in 5 years!

Dave: Tell me what God’s been doing in Madagascar.

Dinah: Yes, God is doing amazing things in Madagascar, specifically on church planting. A lot’s been done in the last, let’s say, fifteen years. Lately the work just grows rapidly and that’s because of our Church Planting Movement strategy. We thank God for that because we are moving faster.

Dave: So what’s been happening in the last six months?
Dinah: In the last six months we planted 500 churches. So we really have to extend our work and start to plant more churches in the northern part and the southern part of Madagascar. We are looking to reach the nine [unreached] people groups in this part, in this region. The population is about 7 million so we are looking to plant 6,000 churches as soon as possible, but we’ll trust God to do it maybe five years.

Dave: Amen. Awesome!

Can you imagine that? A movement of laypeople making disciples who make disciples resulting in 6,000 new churches in 5 years!

Church Planters in Madagascar

My friend and OC missionary to Southern Africa, Karl Teichert, visited the region last summer and reported:
Entire villages are coming to Christ through bold witness and powerful works of God. Church planters shared how witch doctors and other influential leaders surrendered their lives to Christ. They began leading simple Bible discussions that grew into churches and cared for the community in practical ways. This process is being multiplied, and church planters are being sent out to other surrounding unreached villages. We are praising the Lord with the news that 800-1,300 new discipleship groups have been established in the central region of the rain forest in the past 12 months!

Please pray for:

  • Open doors to the gospel in the remaining unchurched villages and unreached people groups.
  • Effective ongoing training and coaching of church planters by the strategic coordinators.

Today’s Missional Challenge

Commit yourself to engage in Jesus’ mission by making disciples who make disciples who make disciples.


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