Kingdom Contours is a compilation of proven tools and practical wisdom for those who want to develop a vision for discipleship within the Kingdom of Heaven as a movement. Drawing on Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways as a blueprint, Kingdom Contours shares a host of resources that Jeremy and Monica Chambers have observed, studied and practiced while participating in global missional Jesus movements. This book entrusts readers with simple – yet profound – truths for mobilizing and stimulating movemental kingdom work, encouraging and challenging all along the way.

Meet the Authors

Jeremy and Monica have participated in launching disciple-making movements and networks of house churches in 35+ countries with a special heart for Richmond, VA. They also love rock climbing, chess, Costa Rica (where Monica is from), practicing MMA, hardcore metal, dubstep, and indoor plants. Prayer is of utmost importance in their lives. Jeremy has Masters degrees in both Intercultural Studies and Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.


Kingdom Contours contains the kind of thinking and action that are needed to shift the tracks of history in our day. Jeremy and Monica are well-studied apostolic leaders, and in this book they demonstrate that they are articulate writers as well. Consider this a viable handbook for a much-needed revolution.

Kingdom Contours is a key resource for the Church written by two real-life, Jesus-centered, people-loving, kingdom-sharing, disciple-making leaders. The insights in this book are not only biblical and needed; they are also proven and trustworthy. Only read this if you are serious about Gospel movement among those outside the church.

Jeremy and Monica are not just well-read, but also highly experienced in missional and movemental ways of being the church around the world. This is a brilliant collection of movement resources, synthesized so every practitioner can benefit.

Since the Kingdom of God is both here/now and there/then, Kingdom Contours is a valuable tool to provide the rails to help believers stay on track throughout life’s journey. Not only is this book theologically grounded and global in application, it synthesizes scores of timeless concepts from ancient to modern practitioners. Every missional leader will profit by using this book as a rubric to evaluate their effectiveness in striving to fulfill 2 Timothy 2:2.

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