[featured_image]I’ve been tagged by J.J. over at SmuloSpace. I am posting five things that you might not know about me.I've Been Tagged! | missionalchallenge.com

1. I was a Christian illusionist in High School and performed magic shows all over Southern California with my best friend, Paul Kaak.

2. My wife and I took an incredible vacation this past summer to Tuscany.

3. Our family loves going to Hume Lake Christian Camp. That’s where we are celebrating the New Year!

4. I’m not a good whistler.

5. I like watching “Submarine Movies” which I’ve been told is not a genre, but who cares? The Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide, U-571and K-19. (I’d like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

I am now tagging David Malouf, Steve Bagdanov, Brian Howard, Mike Brown, and Bob Carder.