[featured_image]For the past several years, our family has sat down together to evaluate our past year and to look ahead to the new year (typically at the end of December). We focus our discussion and goal setting on three areas:

Go. Be. Do.

We intentionally answer these questions together:

GO – Where do I want to go this year?

BE – Who do I want to be this year?

DO – What do I want to do this year?

My son explains it like this “We all sit around the table and mom reads the ones from last year – and then we make new ones for this year.”

Here are some of my hopes and dreams for 2011:


1. To Istanbul (GCPN)

2. To Brasil with Deanne

3. To Salish Lodge with Deanne

4. To Las Vegas for ICF conference (September)

5. To Aspen to hear Doug (summer)


1. Be joyful and generous

2. Be living an ordered and beautiful life

3. Be prudent in financial decisions

4. Be supportive of my wife and children

5. Be prompt and prepared


1. Move

2. Initiate a CPM project in Seattle

3. Write another book

4. Attain my ICF PCC credential

5. Sustain personal growth and development through regular SOAP, prayer, retreat, and exercise

What things have you dreamed to Go+Be+Do this year?

How committed are you to pursuing these dreams?