CRAZY HOPE: A Journey From Losing All Hope to Finding True Hope

Who am I, really?

After a head-on collision took away everything that was important to him, Dan Moushey faced an identity crisis. CRAZY HOPE retraces the years surrounding that fatal car accident as Dan invites you into the difficult and painful journey that finally led him to discover true hope. CRAZY HOPE explores how and why identity often hinges on one’s greatest hope in life. If you or someone you know needs hope and a reminder of who they really are, give them CRAZY HOPE!

Meet the Author

Dan is a licensed and ordained minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. As a writer and passionate speaker, Dan seeks to bring a message of hope to a hopeless world. Dan considers 1989 his greatest year: graduation from high school, the birth of his firstborn son, becoming a Christian, marrying is high school sweetheart, and starting his first job. Dan and his wife Kimberly have been married for over thirty years and have been blessed with four children of their own and the privilege of adopting a fifth from the foster system. They are now blessed with seven grandchildren.


CRAZY HOPE is the story of one man’s journey discovering God’s redeeming love. I couldn’t put this book down. The author’s vulnerability and authenticity kept wooing me into the story of God’s ability to turn ashes into beauty. If ever there’s a need for Crazy Hope it is now! Dan Moushey’s book is a reminder that the God of Hope is faithful to all generations and that He answers prayer.

Bold, authentic, transparent. Through personal experience, Dan reveals shallow and temporary voices that bind only to unveil the One who gives “real life”—now and forever. With compassion, Jesus observes the inmost reality of all of us, longingly seeking our regard. Restless hearts will quickly discover their name gently whispered, “Come… and learn of Me… and you will find rest for your souls.” He is real! Enjoy.

In CRAZY HOPE, author Daniel Moushey lets his story reveal life-changing truths which help us through the unwelcome events that come our way. Dan’s accident and subsequent events revealed his false identity and helped him see that his true identity comes from God alone. This perspective changed his physical handicap into an opportunity to discover a vital relationship with God. May the Lord use Dan and his testimony to comfort and encourage many.

If you’re looking for hope that’s lasting and firm, Dan’s raw and relatable journey shows the way. CRAZY HOPE exposes the flimsy ground we build our dreams and identities on, while introducing us to Solid Rock.

I began reading this book and couldn’t put it down. Each chapter took me deeper into Dan’s life experiences. In his youth, he achieved great success and accolades which were followed by great despair and loss. Then suddenly, he encountered CRAZY HOPE. This story will take you into that discovery of hope. It is something we all need.

We all need crazy hope! No matter what your story or situation, you will find yourself relating to Dan’s story. As you read CRAZY HOPE, you’ll discover how to find crazy hope in your own life.

A Small Taste…

Taken from Chapter 3: “Crazy About Her”

On Friday, August 29, 1986, we were two weeks into football practice. Granite Falls had been experiencing a drought for the past few months; but on that day, it finally started to rain. It was refreshing.

After practice, Henry and I made arrangements with Sarah and her friend Jessica to drive into Everett. Our plans weren’t extravagant. We were just going to bum around town. Any reason to get together with Sarah would have sufficed.

Being gentlemen, Henry and I piled into the cramped back seat of the little Honda Civic.  Jessica sat in the passenger seat in front of me. I jokingly fastened the seatbelt across my waist and cinched it down tight while teasing Sarah, “You can never be too safe when riding with a new driver!”

At dusk, we finally made our way back onto the infamous Crooked Mile Road, the main road in and out of Granite Falls at the time. Henry and I began blowing up some paper lunch sacks we had found on the floor. For laughs, we popped them, pretending like the tires were blowing out. We laughed and kidded around with each other. I loved watching Sarah smile.

As we came up on the last curve in the road, our carousing turned into chaotic screams. Calamity forced its way in as two bright headlights rushed headlong into our lives. In an instant, our lives were forever changed…

Tragedy erupts

Darkness interrupts

Chaos forced its throng

Bright lights rush headlong

Corrupting our song.

Tears and fears prolong

Summertime is gone.

Hear from Dan – Why I Wrote CRAZY HOPE