[featured_image]Several years ago my friend Steve Ogne shared the following chart with me that helped me to understand the different ways of viewing how the church engages in ministry.

Changing Ministry Paradigms:Changing Ministry Paradigms: 1950 to Present | missionalchallenge.com

Coaching Questions:

  1. Which approach most closely resembles your focus?
  2. What insights does this give you into how churches engage in ministry?
  3. How does your paradigm define your role as a leader or member?

It’s often easy to embrace a ministry paradigm without considering the outcome of using a specific paradigm. Consider the outcome that each of these three paradigms is attempting to attain. What is the outcome that you and the believers in your church are working toward? How will you know when you accomplish your mission?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Consider how your way of doing church actually results in making disciples who make disciples.