One of the challenges that church planters often face is when their vision creates expectations that don’t meet reality.

I have long understood that leadership is influence.

Leaders influence followers. Great leaders also influence leaders.

My best friend in high school was Paul Kaak. Today, August 10, is Paul’s birthday. (Happy Birthday Paul!)

I got a new book in the mail yesterday and I haven’t read it yet. When I open up a new book I like to thumb through the table of contents and flip through the chapters to get more familiar with how it’s structured before I jump in and start reading.

A couple of years ago my One Challenge USA team took a retreat together for a few days. Our colleague from Outreach Canada, Alan Simpson, facilitated our time together. I was so grateful for the time that Alan invested in preparing for the retreat.

I am so grateful for the churches and individuals who support us in prayer and with finances so we can serve as missionaries on the One Challenge USA team.

If you are leading a team, whether in a ministry or mission context, your team expects you to lead.

Last month as I was flying home from a training event, I had a layover in Chicago.

“One of the truest tests of being a servant ishow we respondwhen we are treated like one.”