Barnabas Coach Training is a six-module course that participants complete at their own pace. The course is directed at individuals within a local church or ministry who desire to grow their coaching skills.

Everything is online and can be accessed anywhere there is wifi. Participants watch videos and reflect on what they learn on the course website.

You have lifetime access to the training, so you can go back anytime to review the videos, readings, and your workbook answers.

Your purchase of the course includes all required resources. The course website contains an online workbook, as well as downloadable ebooks (kindle or iBooks) for each of the required readings.

Enrollment is always open, and participants can purchase and start the course at any time.

There are six sessions in the course that can be completed over six weeks, but the course is work-at-your-own pace, meaning the content can be completed in as little or as much time as needed.

The six session topics include:

  1. The Coaching Experience: An introduction to coaching and the coaching process
  2. Discovery Listening: Learn and practice essential listening skills
  3. Powerful Questions: Learn and practice skills for asking good questions
  4. Creating Awareness: Help those you coach reflect on their options
  5. Designing Actions: Help those you coach develop clear plans to move toward their goals
  6. Moving Forward: Help those you coach stay on track

Participants will complete the course with a knowledge of how the Barnabas coaching process works, how to listen well and ask guiding questions, and how to stay focused as a coach.

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