[featured_image]Your attitudes and actions flow from your assumptions!

My friend and colleague Kevin Stebbings recently shared this insight with me. Kevin explains, “If someone is only working on their actions or only working on their attitudes, they will see some change. But they won’t see the long-term change they want unless they are working on their assumptions.”

I often find that many church planters that I coach are focused on their action steps and want my help in determining what steps to take next to get a new church started. However, it is necessary to explore their awareness of their assumptions before concentrating on what they need to do next.

“An assumption is something that is accepted as true or certain without proof.”

Consider these assumptions:

  • Being friends with non-Christians can hinder your spiritual growth.
  • Disciplemaking starts after a person becomes a Christian.
  • God will love me more if I do more for Him.
  • This city is too hard to reach with the gospel.

What are your assumptions regarding God? or regarding the church?

Are your assumptions true or false? How will you become more aware of the validity of your assumptions?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Examine your assumptions regarding Christ and the church.