[featured_image]Instead of calling tech support recently to address issues with my new wireless router, I decided to try interacting with chat support first. It was a difficult experience.

After quickly describing my problem, I hoped to be told what I needed to do to fix it. Unfortunately, my first attempt was unsuccessful. So, I logged in to the support site once again and described my problem. The chat support person proceeded to instruct me what I needed to do to fix the problem.

Every thing I was instructed to do I had already done. The chat experience was a huge waste of time!

I was irritated that the person on the other end of chat support hadn’t asked more questions to discern my issue before trying to solve my problem.

When they sent me an online survey to provide feedback on my interaction they asked: What can we do to improve your experience with Chat Support?

I was only too eager to offer feedback.

3 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills | missionalchallenge.com
This got me to thinking about the process of improvement. Most leaders want to become more effective. But how do you actively pursue improving your leadership skills?

3 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills

1. Be Intentional – Identify specific areas where you know you need to improve and devote yourself to practicing those skills.

2. Ask for Feedback – Find ways to get feedback from others that will help you improve. Don’t be afraid to ask – “What can I do to improve your experience with my leadership?”

3. Engage with a Coach – Leadership Coaches come along leaders to help them discover ways to improve and specific actions to take to move forward. (For more on coaching – click here).

What steps will you take this week to improve your leadership skills?

Today’s Missional Challenge

Evaluate your leadership effectiveness. Ask for feedback from others. Determine steps to improve.