Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus!

Jesus was a disciplemaker.

I drove through Panda Express for lunch the other day. I hadn’t eaten there in over a year. I laughed as I opened my fortune cookie. I wondered if I could become a writer of fortunes.

Lindsay Lane Baptist Church in Florissant, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis) made a decision to adopt the local elementary school nearby. They provide a great example for local church’s to follow.

I’ve been reflecting on the Great Commission and the priority that Jesus placed on making disciples.

Getting started as a coach can be challenging. Even when you’ve developed good coaching skills, finding those who would benefit from a coaching relationship with you may be difficult.

Here at the Exponential Conference today I was asked why I came to this conference. I offered three reasons for coming to Exponential – and I think that these three reasons would probably provide the basis for attending any conference.

Bryan Wintersteen is a missionary with Church Resource Ministries. After serving five years in Melbourne, Australia, Bryan now lives near Washington DC.

My friend Roland Niednagel had surgery to remove a brain tumor this past week. I was shocked when I heard the news. While the surgery went well, he needs prayer for his recovery.

When I planted Lake Hills Church in Castaic, California over 20 years ago, I was invited into a monthly lunch gathering with several church planters. The group included church planters in two denominations: Reformed Church in America (RCA) and the Missionary Church.