Take a look at the results of the ICF 2012 Global Coaching Study!

I love coaching!

What books would help Christian coaches?

This is International Coaching Week!

What behaviors make a leader effective or ineffective in empowering others?

On the second day of our Prayer Retreat, we continued our prayerful reflections on Luke 10, concluding with 10:38-42: Mary and Martha’s encounter with Jesus.

I am on a 30-hour Prayer Retreat with my OC colleagues in Seattle. Today has been a truly wonderful day with the Lord including an afternoon of silence and solitude. What a blessing!

Today marks the completion of my first month of blogging in 2012. In order to help readers identify those posts that are most noteworthy this month, I am listing the posts that have received the most page views so far. (Of course those written earlier in the month have had more opportunity to be viewed, but that’s not always the case!)