Missional activity must begin where people live.

I love training and coaching church planters!

How does the Small Group Ministry of your church contribute to making disciples who make disciples?

Every time I teach or train on Missional Living or Church Planting, I draw three circles on a large poster paper. This is the simplest way for me to explain what aligning with the mission of Jesus looks like.

Instead of attracting people to church, local churches have a responsibility to equip every believer as missionaries in their neighborhoods and workplaces! The problem in many churches is that “consumer Christians” are coming on Sundays to receive the goods and services that the staff offers them.

This Missional Challenge blog is all about aligning every believer with the mission of Jesus!

I didn’t think an egg could ever be so helpful to me spiritually.

I’ve been coaching leaders for years. I got started as a coach after experiencing the impact that coaching had in my life. Steve Ogne coached me as I planted a church in Southern California back in 1990. Now I love coaching church planters and helping them to navigate the challenges of getting started.

Being precedes doing.

I love coaching! But you probably already know that. If you didn’t know that, read why I love coaching.